Our brands

With Salt&Pepper we release several collections every season, inspired by the current trends in the fashion and design worlds. Each is a stylish and contemporary accessory at affordable prices, without sacrificing anything in terms of quality or innovation.

Each new collection is unique, but they can be combined attractively. It is the perfect way to address a wide and fashionable audience that is searching for something original and affordable.

With Salt&Pepper, we are also striving to achieve a total concept. Salt&Pepper devotes at least as much attention to the packaging. After all, stylish packaging gives one the feel of being pampered: a gift for one's self or for someone else.

With Yong, we are aiming at two target groups: on the one hand, the foodservice and hotel communities, and, on the other hand, families. Both area looking for quality, contemporary products at an optimal price-to-quality ratio. Which is exactly what Yong offers.

Each product from the Yong collection is tested extensively during development for sustainability and user-friendliness, without losing sight of the design element. Yong is young, basic and fresh, just as the name suggests.

Aerts is distributor of the Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions.

Curtis Stone, an Australian celebrity chef who is hugely popular in the USA, is the brains behind this unique range. By combining his expert knowledge gained as a chef in some of the best restaurants in the world with the latest technology and streamlined functional design, he has created the Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions. This high-quality cooking equipment features clever and innovative utensils for day-to-day use. The product ranges have fun names such as GO WITH THE FLOW, KEEP IT CLEAN and POP OUT.

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Other leading brands

In addition to marketing Salt&Pepper and Yong, Aerts is partner number one for the distribution of Lubiana, Rona and Artcraft.

We also distribute Peugeot, Lacor, Stölze, nadir and other leading brands.